Property Management & Accounting

Sun Properties is dedicated to providing quality maintenance in order to increase the value of your real estate investment, while providing stellar customer service to your tenants. Our comprehensive property management services are designed to alleviate the owner’s management responsibilities and supervise all operations of your commercial property including, but not limited to the following services:

Initial Property Set-Up

  • Transfer of utilities
  • Verification of contract for appropriate insurance coverage
  • Negotiate contracts for ongoing building service agreements (lawn care, cleaning, security, waste removal, etc.)
  • Install key system and resolve security issues
  • Maintain tenant files and establish emergency procedures
  • Establish and maintain an operating budget
  • Set up emergency maintenance coverage

Site Maintenance and Tenant Relations

  • Hire and supervise independent contractors, plus utilize staff maintenance personnel to maintain the property
  • Diligently protect the property rights and interests of the owners
  • Promptly respond to resolve issues with tenants and visitors
  • Enforce all property warranties
  • Collect monthly tenant rents
  • Report any significant repair conditions, safety or security issues, government or municipal violation notices, etc.

Financial Services and Reporting

  • Supervise Operating Expenses
  • Manage Capital Items as Needed
  • Quantify and equitably allocate common area maintenance costs to tenants
  • Maintain a Complete Accounting System to include monthly balance sheets and income statements

Perform Other Services as Requested

  • Manage and supervise the leasing of any vacant spaces in conjunction with Hoagland Commercial Realtors
  • Provide construction management services via Sun Properties Construction Management